Dain Brawnanvil (Deceased)

Warrior of Mithril Hall and Clan Battlehammer


Age: 98
Race: Shield Dwarf
Class: Fighter 3
Background: Soldier
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality Traits: Faces problems head-on.
Ideals: Independence.
Bonds: Those who fight beside him.
Flaws: Doesn’t follow orders well, and tends to disregard authority. The one exception is his king.


Born in Icewind Dale, beneath Kelvin’s Cairn, Dain grew up listening to stories of his clan’s lost home, Mithral Hall. During his youth, he learned to contribute toward Clan Battlehammer‘s trade with the Ten-Towns, apprenticing as a smith to a distant aunt. It was only when the barbarian tribes of Icewind Dale attacked the Towns, that Dain discovered his true calling.Called upon at a young age to help defend his clan’s home, the young dwarf took to combat with skill and enthusiasm. Alongside his childhood friend, Vonkar, Dain felt a primal thrill in battle.

Vonkar.jpgAfter the barbarians had been defeated, returning to the forge held little appeal to Dain. Instead, he volunteered to join the clan’s patrols outside the mountain. Even the occasional skirmish with orcs and goblins of the north were far more exciting than the repetition of the forges. While Dain thrived out on the tundra, his friend Vonkar returned to the forges; the two dwarves seeing less and less of each other.

When Akar Kessel gathered the orc, goblin, and giant tribes of the north to assault the settlements of Icewind Dale in 1351 DR, the Dain and his fellow Battlehammers once again allied with the Ten-Towns. During this struggle, Dain’s superiors began to see that he had little regard for the chain of command. When told to retreat to a better position on the battlefield, Dain was slowest to obey. Other orders were often misheard, or even simply ignored.

Mirra.jpgAfter Kessel’s forces were defeated, Dain found a new passion in the pursuit of Mirra, a dwarf-maiden who’s family had just recently joined the clan. Mirra was a gifted smith, and Dain found himself gravitating back to the forges to spend more time with her. For a while, he was happy to set aside his axe and work next to her in the forges beneath Kelvin’s Cairn. However, Dain was not the only dwarf to appreciate MIrra’s wit and beauty. Vonkar was also enamored of the dwarf-maiden, and made every effort to impress her with his skill. For her own part, Mirra seemed to like both dwarves, but didn’t outwardly favor either of them.

Once Dain and Vonkar began competing for her favor openly, the two became rivals at everything. Be it drinking, wrestling, forging, or composing dwarvish poetry, neither could stand to be outdone by the other. It was with bemusement that the rest of the Battlehammer clan settled back to watch the two vie for Mirra’s affection. However, the duel of courtship was interrupted by a event that would change the fate of the clan greatly in the years to come.

In the year 1356 DR, Bruenor Battlehammer returned to Icewind Dale, announcing to his people that the dragon that had driven them from Mithril Hall was now dead. The clan, aided by their new barbarian allies, marched south to clear Mithril Hall of the duergar still holding it.

While both Dain and Vonkar threw themselves into battle against the duergar during the battle to reclaim Mithril Hall, Dain’s prominence as a warrior seemed to finally give him an advantage in the competition for Mirra’s favor. He gained no small amount of glory fighting in the tunnels and caverns, but his skill counted for little after Vonkar was wounded in one of the early in the first days of the battle. Helping with the wounded, Mirra spent more and more time at Vonkar’s bedside, while Dain fought on the front lines. After the battle was won and Mithril Hall reclaimed for clan Battlehammer, Vonkar (now almost recovered) and Mirra announced that they would wed soon after the formal crowning of King Bruenor. Dain’s interactions with the two after the announcement were brief, though he did try to show that he wished them well.

After helping his clan take back their ancestral home, Dain found himself unwilling to stay so close to Mirra and Vonkar. Where Mithril Hall had once been the dream of returned glory for his clan, the halls of his clan now only reminded him of Mirra’s rejection. His aunt, seeing that he was unhappy there, gave him the name of an old acquaintance, Gundren Rockseeker. Dain’s aunt told him to find Rockseeker, who owed her a favor, and ask him for work that would prove exciting. Dain left Mithril Hall the day after the coronation, and set out for Neverwinter and whatever lay beyond.

Dain Brawnanvil (Deceased)

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