Durik Stormbrow

Dwarven Sorcerer out to kick a dragoness' arse


15 STR
11 DEX
17 CON
15 WIS
16 CHA

Age: 63
Height: 4’9
Weight: 180
Eyes: Electric Blue
Hair: Brown and red

Race: Mountain (Shield) Dwarf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Folk hero

Personality Traits:
- I never pass up a friendly wager
- My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what

- Tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people

- I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person’s.
- My clan is the most important thing in the world to me, even when they are far from me.

- My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning


Having earned the ire of a high ranking political enemy, Buregar Brokenshield and his warband was sent out from Citidel Feldbar on a dangerous mission to expand the territory of the Citadel’s King. Accompanying him on this mission were his only sons and successors to his Clan, and their task took them into ancient tunnels beneath the fortress that lead to the Upper Underdark. Passages that were long since sealed due to their danger after the routes and outposts were overrun by the denizens of the Underdark.

Making their way into the forgotten passages, the Brokenshield clan had an uneventful journey for the first week of their excursion, though with each day that past the silence and darkness of their surroundings seemed to grow more and more oppressive. On the morning of the eighth day however, they were beset upon by the Drow. Fighting off the first scouts who had discovered them, but with more sure to come, the Dwarven warband sped up their march in order to reach the old outposts to make a better stand against their foes.

Continuing in this way of fighting off bands of Drow and other horrors of the deep, losing a Battle Brother or Sister almost every other day, and moving between abandoned Outposts, the Brokeneshields finally made it deep into the forgotten tunnels, until they reached a part of the old tunnels where the attacks simply stopped. After almost two weeks of travel under constant assault, Buregar knew something was amiss when the Drow stopped their pursuit of the warband, and became concerned when the beasts of the Underdark stopped attacking as well. Finding at last signs of the final Dwarven outpost of old, Buregar was dismayed when he found a shimmering silver barrier covering the entrance to the cavern where the outpost lay. Against his better judgment, he followed his orders and continued down the path deeper into the unknown territory, passing through the magical barrier with seemingly no ill effect or resistance.

Making their way to the surface levels of the old compound, the Dwarves discovered their journey had taken them into the Anauroch Desert, amidst the ruins of the old Netharese Empire. Several days passed since the warband passed through the silver barrier, and no further attacks of any kind had plagued Buregar’s Clan. As the Dwarves worked over several weeks to rebuild, they were suddenly attacked. Bugbears marched into the Dwarven outpost, with Illithid and Beholders scattered amongst the ranks. The Dwarves were well fortified in their position, but the strength of the unusual army was almost impossible to hold against. In the bitter battle that ensued, which lasted five days, the Brokenshield clan was able to push back the first assault, though the Clan lost one of its successors, with only the two youngest sons and Buregar himself surviving along with less than two dozen members of the clan.

Collapsing several of the corridors leading into the deeper sections of the tunnels cost the Buregar another son, but through their sacrifice they managed to stem the flow of the enemy for a short while. Cut off from reinforcements from Feldbar who didn’t know they were under attack, and which were weeks away at the fastest, things looked bleak for the isolated warband. The second wave was approaching and would reach their outpost within a day, and with hope of victory a fading dream, the Buregar and his clan prepared to die with honor.

Mere hours before the enemy would breach the tunnels, a mysterious stranger appeared before Buregar’s warband, demanding audience with the Thane. The old dwarf listened to the stranger, who promised Buregar the strength needed to force back the flow of enemies, and revealed to him the reason why they were under attack; their excursion had taken them into the Buried Realms, enchanted Prison of the Phaerimm; a terrible foe which wields power enough to enthrall even creatures as powerful as the beholders and Illithid they had already seen. In exchange for this power, and the safety of his people to live in these mountains, the Stranger only asked for the Thane’s word that they would repay the debt in a manner yet to be disclosed, as long as they survived the battle. Buregar agreed to the deal, so as not to see his clan wiped from the face of the realm, and the Stranger chanted mystic words. The old dwarf was suddenly filled to bursting with crackling power, arcane might flowing through his veins, and lightning cracked across his body. His eyes changed from deep brown to a bright, unnatural glowing blue, as a sign of the energy now infused into his being.

As the enemy burrowed through the collapsed tunnels, Buregar stood alone against the tide of Bugbears, crackling with fury. Bringing his newfound powers to bare, the Thane of Brokenshield cast lightning down the tunnels powerful to eradicate all that were unfortunate enough to be in the way. Bugbears, beholders and even Illithid alike despite their magical wards and resistance were turned to ash as the lightning ripped through their bodies in a seemingly endless torrent of arcane fury. His clansmen began to call Buregar “Stormbrow”, due to his new gift over the powers of lightning. Stormbrow led his warband to clear out tunnels and fuse the stone walls shut to ensure his clan’s new Hall was safe from unexpected visitors, ensuring his clan would have a more stable and safe place to call their own. Buregar officially took the name Stormbrow, and renamed his clan accordingly. All was well it seemed, at least until a few weeks passed, and the Stranger came to collect on the debt.

The Stranger revealed the truth of the matter to Stormbrow; that she was in actuality the Blue Dragon Cyalitherathros, and that Buregar’s must repay his debt. She would let them live, as she promised, but the Stormbrow clan now served her. Tribute must be paid to Rathros, in exchange for being allowed to live in her desert. Buregar was in shock, and his warriors were ready to fight with their Thane, but he knew his newfound powers were useless against her. Not wishing to see the clan that fought and sacrificed so much be wiped out, and as he was an honorable Dwarf and did give his word, the proud Buregar Stormbrow bowed his knee and swore to pay tribute to the Dragon.

Generations have passed, and Buregar has long since passed from this plane of existence. As the third son to the last surviving son of Buregar, Durik Stormbrow is the first in generations to be born with the unnatural electric blue eyes of his forbear, signifying he carries the Draconic powers once gifted to Buregar. Not content to see his proud people live in servitude to a vile wyrm, Durik dons Buregar’s old gloves, The Eyes of Rathos, set with magical sapphires carved to resemble the eyes of the great Wyrm, and sets out to gain the power and allies he needs to vanquish the vile Dragon, and bring freedom back to his people.

Durik Stormbrow

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