Open Quests

Find the RockseekerGundren and his two brothers are missing, along with Gundren’s bodyguard.
An Answer from AgathaSister Garaele has asked Alton to travel to the lair of the banshee, Agatha, and offer her a silver comb in exchange for knowledge concerning the spellbook of the wizard, Bowgentle.
Mirna’s Necklace – The woodcutter’s wife has told you where a marvelous necklace can be found in the ruins of Thundertree, hidden in an alchemy shop. She means it to be a reward for saving her and her children from the Redbrands.
Saltleaf Smugglers – Both Lord Lasiter and Amity Darkwater want the party to finish off the smugglers near Saltleaf, and each wants to take control of the Village for themselves.

Finished Quests

Deliver Supplies – Dropped off cart of supplies at Barthan’s, and were paid by Barthan.
Haunted Mansion – Cleared the mansion near Saltleaf, and discovered the smugglers.
Glasstaff’s Letters – Brought all the letters and correspondence of the wizard, Glasstaff, to Halia Thornton of the Miner’s Exchange.
Cragmaw Castle Found the location of the Cragmaw Clan of goblins’ headquarters. It is located in Neverwinter Wood. Gundgren Rockseeker has been taken there by the Cragmaws.
Recover Goods – Found the missing goods for Linene Graywind of the Lionshield Coster. They were in the Cragmaw’s cave hideout just off the Triboar Trail.

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