Sildar Hallwinter

Friend of Gundren Rockseeker


Human in mid 50s


Sildar is a member of the Lord’s Alliance, and was escorting Gundren Rockseeker to Phandalin. During the trip, he and Gundren were ambushed and taken to Cragmaw Hideout by a raiding party of goblins. There, Sildar was tortured by the goblins while Gundren and a map to Echo Wave Cave were sent to Cragmaw Castle to the leader behind the goblin raiders by the Bugbear chief, Klarg.

After recovering from his ordeal in Phandalin, he told the party that he was seeking out another member of the Lord’s Alliance; a wizard by the name Iarno Albrek. They report the death of Albrek, also known as Glasstaff, and prove it was him to lay to rest Sildar’s doubts.

Sildar Hallwinter

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