Blade of the Black Hawk.

weapon (melee)

Magic weapons are unmistakably finer in quality than their ordinary counterparts. You have a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and damage rolls you make with this weapon.

Possessive. Talon demands attunement when first wielded or worn, and it doesn’t allow its bearer to attune to other items.

Minor Property
Conscientious. When the bearer of Talon contemplates or undertakes a malevolent act, the item enhances pangs of conscience.

Minor Property
Keen. When wielded by an attuned bearer against an orc or creature descended from orcs, attacks with Talon score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.


A longsword in a black-leather scabbard. The sword is inscribed with the name “Talon,”
and its hilt is worked in the shape of a bird of prey with outspread wings. It once belonged to a great knight named Aldith Tresendar, known as the Black Hawk.

Sir Aldith died fighting off the orcs that attacked Phandalin. Talon was lost beneath Tresendar Manor until found by Valleria Thorsdottr.


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